League Information

National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) is the DC Metro area's premier promotion-relegation soccer league, serving approximately 35,000 travel and 18,000 recreational soccer players every year representing many of the most successful clubs in the nation. It is a club-based league, which requires clubs to meet league standards in order be considered for entry and must be voted in by other member clubs, and schedules games at the team-to-team level in order provide the most appropriate and competitive game-day experience.

NCSL offers appropriate soccer competition for boys and girls teams aged 7 through 19 at both the recreational and travel levels. NCSL features more than 1,200 travel teams competing in 11 age groups and more then 500 recreational teams competing in six age groups. NCSL is one of the oldest, largest, and most well-known travel soccer leagues in the nation. It added recreational programming beginning in 2024.  NCSL currently features 72 member clubs centered in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and West Virginia.

New clubs interested in membership may contact NCSL through its President, Executive Director, and/or Administrator through the links located under "About" on the menu bar. NCSL does not entertain membership for single teams.