November 18, 2002



The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM.


Roll call showed a quorum.  Clubs not present: Baltimore Bays, Crofton, and Eastern Panhandle.


Minutes are approved from the last meeting.


Mike Basileo-Md. Registrar-  Md. teams attending tournaments that tell you that you that you must eliminate passes, don’t go.  It is against the Md. State Association rules.      

The agenda shows a meeting on January 20th, change it to Jan. 22nd, Wednesday night, here at Madison High School in Michael Hall.  It is fine to bring entry materials at that time.  There is a change in the pin number for contact information.  When you submit league applications, the computer will give you a new number.

Ray Greenberg-R&D- We are pretty much up-to-date on the web site.  There are a few changes to the R&D Manual, if anyone has any additional changes, please get the information to Ray.  The total cards will be on the web site as soon as complete.

Jeff Skigen-President’s Report-A thank you to the officers who were in touch each day. WAGS and NCSL worked closely together to get the season completed.  We had only two games that were non-games.  Thanks to Kathleen for all her work.

The Capital Cup will be held Thanksgiving weekend.  Bring some players and see some incredible soccer from some of the best teams in the country.  Over 250 colleges will be represented.

The NCSL Premiereship is all about player development, not about team development.  A committee has been put together and many more people have been consulted.  The sheet consists of the ideas of what people came up with.  This is an outline, not what has to happen.  The ideas have been discussed with club reps and with other sections of Virginia.  Other teams have their own season too, this would probably take place before and after the season.  No standings or relegation on premiere concept.  The measure of success in the program will be to see more NCSL teams coming to the front in cup play and more players making the state, regional and national teams.  The committee will try to pull together one or two age groups and talk with the coaches, parents, etc. to see if it makes sense to them.  D.C. United is focused on the Super Y league, they would rather focus on an NCSL group.  If premiereship happens, we suddenly begin to have a working model similar to the European clubs.  A definite link between professionals and youth leagues.  A show of hands indicated an interest in continuing with the idea

Motion:  To accept Burke Athletic Club as a member in the NCSL.

Motion made by Herndon.

Motion passes.

Motion:  To accept Annapolis Soccer Club as a member in the NCSL.

Motion made by Herndon.

Motion fails.

The other applications are on hold because they are not complete.

Meeting adjourned at 9:11PM.